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About the NGO

The National Gamekeepers' Organisation (NGO) was founded in 1997 by a group of gamekeepers who felt that their profession was threatened by public misunderstanding and poor representation. Today, we have over 16,000 gamekeeper and supporter members.

The NGO's aim is:

"To promote, improve and protect gamekeeping in the United Kingdom, thereby securing a thriving long-term future for the profession."

the national gamekeepers organisation about

The National Gamekeepers' Organisation is a small but enthusiastic representative body for gamekeeping, run by gamekeepers for gamekeepers.

  • The NGO is run by a National Committee consisting of NGO Regional Chairmen, all of them gamekeepers elected by their local NGO members.
  • Our Main Office is based in county Durham and has three staff handling our database of 16,000 members, a mail order shop and all our other office back up.
  • We have two Development Officers, North and South, who assist our voluntary regional groups, organise events for members, liase with NGO sponsors and meet the public at shows.
  • Each area has an NGO Regional Group, formed of volunteers, gamekeepers and supporters, who help the NGO in their area. The chairman of the group is always a gamekeeper and has a seat on the NGO National Committee.
  • Members can opt in to the NGO Moorland Branch and/or the NGO Deer Branch to be kept informed of our specialist work in those two areas, each driven by its own informed, grass roots committee. There is more information on these branches in the NGO Members Only area of this website.
  • We also retain several consultants who help us with political lobbying, public relations, firearms advice and the production of Keeping the Balance, the NGO members' magazine.

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about the ngo

The NGO's objectives are:


  • To provide proper national representation of the gamekeeping profession
  • To be the first point of contact for outsiders seeking to approach the gamekeeping world
  • To raise the profile of gamekeeping and to increase public understanding of it
  • To promote the positive impact that gamekeeping can have on the countryside as a whole
  • To counter adverse publicity
about the ngo


  • To ensure that gamekeepers have the information they need
  • To help gamekeepers to assist one another
  • To help gamekeepers find jobs
  • To create better understanding on the part of the employers, guns and others
  • To provide legal assistance for gamekeepers, where appropriate
  • To provide third party insurance cover for members
about the ngo


  • To improve the training available to prospective gamekeepers
  • To ensure that experienced keepers keep up to date with new developments
  • To uphold the Code of Good Shooting Practice, the Code of Good Game Rearing Practice and other relevant codes
  • To counter anything or anyone bringing the profession into disrepute
about the ngo


  • To assist with the defence of all field sports by ensuring that gamekeeping is of the highest quality and is properly represented

All these objective are summed up in the NGO's by-line:

"Keeping the Balance"

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