NGO Deer Branch

The NGO Deer Branch was set up in 2009 in recognition of the number of NGO members involved in deer conservation and culling. It is a special interest group within the overall NGO membership (just like the NGO Moorland Branch).

To become a member of the National Gamekeepers Organisation Deer Branch is free when you join the NGO as either a keeper, supporter, junior or family member. The branch through the NGO magazine will keep you up to date with all deer related matters.

The Deer Branch Aim to Educate

As well as tackling deer related issues the National Gamekeepers' Organisation Deer Branch aim to share methods and techniques with the members through the NGO magazine Keeping the Balance. Here are some links to articles that have been written for the NGO branch.

Carcass Disposal

NGO Deer Branch Survey Results Article

Skinning Deer an Alternative Way

Feeding Wild Deer

Lone Working Rules

Firearms Certificates

High Seat Inspection List

As well as informative articles in the NGO magazine Keeping the Balance, the National Gamekeepers' Organisation Deer Branch run a number of training courses such as the DSC1, Game Meat Hygiene and Dogs for Deer days.

The NGO Deer Branch have also recently launched a new course that is aimed at stalkers who need some manual handling best practice as well as some carcass transport tips. The Deer Carcass Handling Course has proved very popular with both professional and recreational stalkers alike.

Deer Carcass Handling Course

A video for Field Sports TV on the NGO DSC1 course can be viewed by following the below link

NGO DSC1 Course Video

Joining the NGO Deer Branch

Any member interested in deer can ask to join the NGO Deer Branch at no extra cost. When you do so, we log your interest in deer on our members' database and will make sure you receive information of particular relevance to deer. Existing members can join the NGO Deer Branch either by changing their membership details on-line in our Members Only area or by emailing the office:, or by calling the office on 01833 660869. Non-members wanting to belong to the NGO Deer Branch should first join the NGO via this site and then register their interest in deer when prompted to do so.

The NGO Deer Branch has its own committee within which all matters deer related are discussed and this advises the NGO National Committee on policy concerning deer.

The NGO Deer Branch also produces and delivers training on deer-related issues. It works with the British Deer Society to provide training for the Deer Stalking Certificate Level 1 (DSC 1). It also runs its own courses for members on Dogs for Deer and Game Meat Hygiene. View our Training area for further details.

The NGO Deer Branch is thought to have more members involved actively in deer management in the UK than any other organization. NGO members between them cull more than 50% of all the deer accounted for in England and Wales.

"The NGO Deer Branch shall aim to help improve deer welfare and management in the British Countryside." NGO AGM, 2009.

The NGO Deer Branch are proud to be sponsored by:

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