NGO in Wales


The National Gamekeepers' Organisation/

Sefydliad Cenedlaethol y Ciperiaid

Keeping the balance / Cadw'r ddysgl yn wastad

The NGO works in Wales to ensure gamekeeping is rightfully recognised as an environmental and economic cornerstone of the Welsh countryside.

Photo: National Assembly for Wales Commission

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Shooting in Wales supports the equivalent of 2,500 full-time jobs and generates around 70-80 million a year for the economy. (The revenue earned in the winter months from game shooting, coming outside the peak tourist season, throws a vital financial lifeline to many isolated rural businesses in Wales.)

Habitat and wildlife management are big winners, too, with about 10 million being spent annually on conservation across more than 500,000 hectares of rural Wales.

And it is not going unnoticed in Wales that gamekeepers nurture some of the very best wildlife-rich, conservation-friendly landscapes. NGO-inspired press coverage in 2012 saw it widely reported that gamekeepers were leading the way in bringing Welsh wildlife threatened with extinction back from the brink.

gareth edwards

Gareth Edwards CBE
Patron / Noddwr

dave pooler

David Pooler
North Wales Chairman / Cadeirydd Gogledd Cymru

brian hardcastle

Brian Hardcastle
South and Mid Wales Chairman / Cadeirydd De a Chanolbarth Cymru

Welsh Press Centre / Canolfan y Wasg Gymreig
tel / ffn: 01766 523795
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The NGO acts to defend, promote and inform gamekeeping in Wales:

- Lobbying politicians at the Senedd and at Westminster;

- Building relationships with AMs and MPs from all parties;

- Providing expert technical input for legislators on Welsh issues;

- Training police and RSPCA officers in Wales about the gamekeeper's job;

- Making the case for gamekeeping in the Welsh press, and on radio and TV;

- Helping members in Wales with technical and firearms issues (including licensing problems);

- Running social evenings for members and attending shows in North and South Wales.