National Gamekeepers' Organisation policies are developed by the NGO National Committee, comprising the NGO Regional Chairmen, each of whom is a gamekeeper member. This ensures that the NGO remains, "Run by gamekeepers for gamekeepers". A selection of NGO policies on high profile issues appears below.

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NGO Disciplinary Procedure

The National Gamekeepers' Organisation is very conscious of the danger posed by incidents or individuals bringing the gamekeeping profession, or the NGO itself, into disrepute.........

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NGO Policy on Illegal Killing of Birds of Prey

The NGO National Committee has made the following policy statement on the illegal killing of birds of prey............:

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NGO Position on Lead Ammunition

The following position statement has been agreed by the NGO National Committee.........

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NGO Policy on Raised Game Laying Units

The following NGO policy on raised game laying units/cages was arrived at after discussion in the National Committee in 2005.

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NGO View on Badgers

The NGO has no particular view on the issue of badger control and bovine TB but we did include the following general remarks on the overall status of the badger in a submission to Government in 2010...........

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Code of Good Shooting Practice

The NGO is a full partner in the Code of Good Shooting Practice and expects all NGO members to follow it to preserve the good name of shooting................

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