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New Summer Game Fairs Announced

The CLA recently took the difficult decision to stop running their summer game which was a real shame but came as no surprise to many. There are now many local game fairs right across the country and that combined with Internet shopping has changed the way shows need to be run. Just a couple of weeks after the announcement two contenders have launched rival shows to each other, both on the same weekend in July and both claiming to be the successor to the CLA's show. Countryman Fairs who are vastly experienced at running shows over many years more

Posted by: Tim Weston / 25 October 2015 at 10:04 / Comment

The Year Of The Rat

If the game keeping calendar followed the same system as that of the Chinese calendar and used animals instead of a numerical date than 2015 in most places would be the year of the rat. Many keepers spent a huge amount of time in the spring trapping, digging, poisoning and shooting rats in game covers, hedgerows and around the farm buildings. This effort goes on by keepers both full, part time and amateur across our country and helps to keep the rat population in check. Rodenticide is a major tool in the keepers arsenal and one that the more

Posted by: Tim Weston / 11 October 2015 at 15:13 / Comment