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Deer Stalking Certificate Level 1 - Buckinghamshire

deer stalking event

Location: The Wormsley Estate, Buckinghamshire
Date: Saturday 30th Sep - Saturday 7th Oct 2017
Time: 8:30am

DSC1 is a four day course with tuition from National Gamekeepers' Organisation trainers and course manual supplied by the British Deer Society. It includes the NGO's Food standard agencies Game Meat Hygiene course which allows you to sell large and small game.

Run over two weekends means candidates who are working throughout the week will be able to attend the training sessions and have time for revision.

Courses at the Englefield Estate have the added bonus that we will be able to demonstrate a practical gralloch on a deer carcass and show you where the glands are in real life.

The course covers most aspects of deer management including identification of species and sex as well as legal requirements and firearms legislation.

The full course includes all course material, registration with Deer Management Qualifications after completion and tuition.

Candidates are also able to just attend the exam and shooting assessment for one day. They will get the course manual, DMQ registration and final assessment.

This course costs £290 inc VAT

Please note that candidates must be aged 17 or over to participate in this course.  Candidates who are 17 must provide written consent from their parent/guardian

CONTACT NAME: Ann Robinson-Ruddock
CONTACT TEL: 01833 660 869

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