The objectives of the National Gamekeepers' Organisation include assisting gamekeepers and ensuring quality within the profession. Good training is an important route to achieving this.

The NGO works with a number of colleges which provide residential courses and apprenticeships for gamekeeping students and you can find out more about these and about becoming a gamekeeper via the NGO Educational Trust website.

Continual professional development is an important way for existing gamekeepers to keep up to date with current best practice, changing legal requirements and improved working techniques, so our associated company, NGO Training Limited, provides a range of highly-regarded short courses, mostly one day, to help keepers stay up to date and maintain excellent standards. Details of our current courses are found on this and the following pages.

NGO Training Ltd courses are run throughout England and Wales and the dates of upcoming courses can be found in the events section of this website.

If you would like to register your interest in an NGO training course, please contact the NGO at our head office.

The NGO offer the following courses:

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snare thumb training home

Snaring Best Practice

The NGO have teamed up with the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust and are running a half day course that addresses the legal aspects of snaring and best practice. View the course details.

loaders thumb training home

Loaders Training Best Practice Course

This is an attendance course, it is designed for people who already load and covers the best practice whilst in the field as well as some firearms legislation. View the course details.

game meat thumb training home

Game Meat Hygiene Course

The Game Meat Hygiene Course is a well established National Gamekeepers Organisation course. This is a one day course that covers small and large game meat hygiene from field to larder. View the course details

dsc1 thumb training home

Deer Stalking Certificate Level 1

DSC1 is a four day course with tuition from NGO trainers and course manual supplied by the British Deer Society. View the course details.

deer dog thumb training home

Dogs for Deer Course

This is a two part course, introduction and advanced. Course participants will be introduced to the various demands made on Deer dogs as well as how to start off training a pup. View the course details.

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