DSC2 is a practically based qualification which enables candidates to demonstrate their knowledge and competence in legally, safely and humanely culling deer and dealing with carcasses hygienically. The DSC1 is a prerequisite for DSC2.

The DSC 2 is assessed on the basis of evidence that the candidate collects. The key document for recording this evidence is the DSC2 portfolio with which you are provided at registration. Once registered, candidates have three years to submit the DSC 2 portfolio, any evidence that is more than 3 years old will not be considered.

Becasue of changes by DMQ this qualification now requires that you are very computer literate as it is an online based portfolio. For those that are not you should speak to DMQ.

DSC2 is a stand-alone qualification but is aligned with the National Occupational Standards and can be used as evidence towards the deer elements of the Gamekeeping NVQ/SVQ if required.

You must have completed DSC1 before you can register for DSC2.

We recommend that all candidates for DSC2 should consider gaining experience and confidence before they register. Registrations last for 3 years and you will need to have completed your portfolio within that time and sent it to the NGO for assessment, beyond that time you will have to re-register at extra cost.

A letter and the CD is sent to the candidate with the Portfolio candidates should make sure that you have read this, it contains lots of the information you will need to complete you level 2. There are also a number of training documents available. Candidates should follow the Deer Initiative Best Practice Guidance available for Scotland and Best Practice Guides for England and Wales.

During a stalk it is likely that Candidates will be asked numerous questions. When observing a candidate witnesses are expected to ask questions to test underpinning knowledge. Some elements of the assessment MUST be seen to be done satisfactorily regardless of any questions asked. These are clearly identified in the individual cull records. For other elements such as 2.6 wounded deer, where the candidate has hopefully not been seen performing particular PC, a relevant question(s) should be asked and the answer recorded in the portfolio.

You may also be phoned up by your Assessor or the Internal Verifier. They have to check the evidence in the portfolio and this may involve speaking to candidates and witnesses.

This course costs £250 inc VAT - FOR NGO MEMBERS

This course costs £399 inc VAT - FOR NON MEMBERS




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