The Gamekeepers Welfare Trust have put together a taining course for estates.

The Gamekeepers Welfare Trust Stag Training Course has been designed by Ex-Marines to tackle those difficult issues for example:  leadership, communication, coping mechanisms and health and well being.  By being open and honest many situations can be resolved and individual problems alleviated.  Everyone has issues from time to time which can cause stress and anxiety – a difficult shooting season, family problems, illness or a myriad of other difficulties which can build up if action is not taken.


This course is interactive, interesting and thought provoking.


One half day (3 hours) in three sections with lunch/supper in a number of locations around the country.  If you are interested or wish to book a course as an individual or as an estate team


To find out more about this training you need to contact The Gamekeepers Welfare Trust on 01677 470180


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