Thanks to the success of the series of films produced last year for the NGO’s YouTube channel, the NGO has announced a new series to be produced and broadcast in 2021

The NGO YouTube channel showcases the environmental, economic and conservation benefits that arise from shooting sports. The current collection of films tackles subjects such as the arguments around Grouse Shooting to more practical films such as butchering deer and cooking with game.

TGS Outdoors will continue to partner the NGO during this series and filming has already started. The 2021 series will include:

Hen Harrier Re-introduction: Gamekeepers working in partnership with the Hen Harrier Recovery Project
  • Deer management: Why we need it for our woodlands and how it happens
  • Grey partridge habitats: Environment and wildlife benefits
  • Antibiotics: Best practice and reducing usage
  • Poaching: Its effects on farms, livelihoods and wildlife

Liam Bell, Chairman of the NGO, said: “It continues to be a turbulent time for many, but these films are a positive way of bringing the value of our sector to everyone’s screens.

“Once again, the team hope to be travelling the length and breadth of the country, speaking to keepers, conservation partners and the people who are the beating heart of the shooting sector. We hope you enjoy them and please get in touch if you think there is something you would like to see covered by this, or the next, series.”

Tim Weston and John Clarke, Development Officers with the NGO hope to build on the success of the latest series and have been the driving force behind this initiative. The creation of the first series was inspired by the interest in the NGO’s stand at the BBC’s Countryfile Live show in 2019.

Tim Weston, said: “We’re excited to be able to create another series, thanks to the huge uptake of our first series of films created last year.

“These films will highlight what is often hidden, such as the economic value of shooting, the real people behind much of the conservation work that happens in our countryside, and of course, just how fantastic game is to eat. We want people to share these films far and wide.”

To see the films, visit the NGOs YouTube Channel at



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