Control Zones in place - please see the maps of the areas effected here

The Chief Veterinary Officer has confirmed the presence of H5N8 avian influenza near Cheshire, England. This is the second bird flu outbreak this season. Please find details of the previous outbreak in Kent, here.

To reduce the risk of transmission, Control Zones have been created within 10km of the infected site and control measures are in place.

The measures state that no gamebird releasing can take place within 10km of the infected site and birds must be housed where possible within the Control Zones. This is to separate kept birds from wild birds as much as possible. Maps showing these Control Zones can be found in Annex 3 in this document:

These measures now apply and will remain in place until further notice.

As ever, the NGO is reminding people to be vigilant and to ensure appropriate biosecurity is ready. Please find our Standing Advice on Bird Flu and Gamebirds, here.

The NGO will keep its website and social media up to date with any further information on this and any other outbreaks over the coming weeks and months.


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