The National Wildlife Crime Unit have taken the time to put together the below security information, which we believe may prove useful for gamekeepers in protecting their birds this season:

The National Wildlife Crime Unit have taken the time to put together the below security information, which we believe may prove useful for gamekeepers in protecting their birds this season:

A large proportion of the partridge and pheasant released as gamebirds in the UK are imported from France as eggs or poults but due to Avian Influenza (bird flu) very few will be available for import this year. This scarcity is driving up both demand and value which will likely result in an increase in thefts.

A briefing has gone out to police regarding the potential for thefts from game farms.  Partridge and pheasant pens are also vulnerable to thefts due to being in rural locations.

The following is crime prevention advice for measures you could put in place:

  1. Detection Systems.

Driveway detectors placed at vehicular access points. These can be set up on timers to have ‘core time’ detection such as between 6pm and 6am. They can be connected to a ‘sounder’ in a premises up to ½ mile away (line of sight) depending on the system, or with GPRS, a mobile phone warning.


One of the better-known driveway alarm systems available. Equipment can be purchased directly from Amazon UK. Their base model GL-2000 driveway alert system has been a top-seller since introduced and is considered by many to be the best wireless driveway alarm out there. The system includes a passive infrared sensor (PIR sensor) which detects movement from cars, people, and large animals up to 40 feet away from the sensor.

The completely weatherproof sensor is designed to work in temperatures of -4 to 140 degrees F so it’ll work wherever you live. When movement by the sensor is detected, it transmits a signal up to 500 feet away (a 1/4 mile version is also available if you need a longer range, or have hilly terrain or lots of foliage) to the compact receiver which you can place in your kitchen, home office, garage, workshop, or even backyard (it can run on AAA batteries when not plugged in via AC adaptor). Unlike other driveway monitors, you can select from 30 different chimes to find one you (or your dog) like.

Dakota Alert kit


Utilizing a metal probe that you bury into the ground, it only alerts you when metal (cars, trucks, ATVs, lawnmowers, etc.) pass in front of it. The DCPA-2500 is the best long range driveway alarm on the market with a transmission range of up to 2,640 feet (1/2 mile). Installation is simple. You bury a small PVC pipe with a magnetic probe inside parallel to your driveway. At one end of the probe is a 50 ft wire which connects to a small transmitter box that gets attached to a nearby tree or post. This box then transmits the signal up to a half mile away to the wireless receiver.

  1. CCTV Systems

Local CCTV Systems can be utilised to provide realtime or after event images. Real-time will require GPRS / WiFi connectivity and a suitable viewing device such as a Tablet or Mobile Phone.

Examples of real time:

uWatch Cube CCTV

Provides realtime images to a mobile phone through GPRS. No live power required, this is battery operated. An annual fee is required for the sim card.

For non ‘real time’ CCTV a local system can be used with a suitably housed storage facility.

There are a multitude of systems available in the market that can be bought for under £200 and installed by the DIY er. These will record locally and installed correctly can provide after the event images.

When installing or considering all items, the question should be ‘What do I want to achieve?’ If it is notification to illicit a response, or identification for court purposes. Check all equipment daily to ensure it is still operating, and provides the service / images that are required.

  1. Locks

The use of locks and padlocks is commonplace, however, standards vary. To ensure a robust and tested / credible lock and or padlock, look for the ‘Sold Secure’ accredited products, Gold or Silver.

There are a range of Padlock suppliers who have also achieved Police Secured By Design accredited products certification. This ensures that the lock / padlock has been tested to significant extents and will provide significantly higher resistance than non-tested products. There are a number of suppliers who can provide Sold Secure Gold or Silver Padlocks, easily found with a simple google search. The use of Keysafes for multiple users accessing the same locks padlocks is only advised where there can be a solid and smooth fixing point on a properly constituted wall or building, placed in an area of concealment and correctly fitted to the manufacturer’s instructions.

  1. Signage

Signage can be an effective deterrent where placed in visible locations and provide credible information. These would include a warning about the use of CCTV and or operated guarding systems which will be responded to. Additionally warnings of the use of DNA marking products such as Selecta DNA /

Smartwater will also provide a deterrent.

  1. DNA Marking Products

The use of DNA marking products is also recommended, which helps as a deterrent and in the recovery of items to locate original owners. This may also help in detection of offenders who may have one or more items in their possession with one or more marking products on these items.

Finally, if you’ve not done so already, consider setting up groups in WhatsApp or similar so you can give each other the heads up of any suspicious activity.  Should a thief be disrupted at one location there is a high chance of another nearby pen becoming the target instead.

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