The NGO welcomes Defra's new online map which details confirmed Raptor Persecution incidents in England.

The NGO today welcomed new online maps, published by Defra, showing the distribution of confirmed raptor persecution incidents in England. Similar maps have been available in paper form for some years but this is the first time the information has been available online with a user-friendly search facility. An NGO Spokesman said:

 "The NGO is an active member of the Raptor Persecution Priority Delivery Group, which is dedicated to reducing this particular wildlife crime. We have made sure that the voice of the gamekeeper has been heard loud and clear at every stage during the development of these important maps.

 "The NGO stands for gamekeeping within the law and condemns any wildlife crime, including any raptor persecution involving gamekeepers. Mapping confirmed incidents so as to identify hot-spot areas where these crimes occur will assist the police in bringing the perpetrators to book."

 The link to the maps, via the Defra press release which explains more about them, is:



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