The NGO and the Moorland Association have joined forces to tackle gamekeeper abuse in the Uplands - read the full details here. 


The NGO and the Moorland Association have written to the Chief Constables and all Police & Crime Commissioners in Derbyshire, Greater Manchester, South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and North Yorkshire to highlight the increasing abuse of gamekeepers across these areas.

The letter also raises concerns about the inappropriate actions of predominantly anonymous people who claim to be acting on behalf of the police or working for the police as self-appointed ‘Moorland Monitors.’

John Clarke of the National Gamekeepers’ Organisation who works across the Uplands, said:

“Gamekeepers in the countryside are legitimately going about their legal business in these areas, but recently they are being painted in some quarters as villains and, as a result, verbal and physical abuse and attacks on social media have increased.

“We are concerned that the anonymity and perceived endorsement by the police is emboldening certain groups in these areas to cross the line and commit crimes such as damaging traps and infrastructure and abusing gamekeepers on social media both collectively and specifically.”

In partnership with the Moorland Association, the NGO is calling on these police forces to make it clear that these groups do not act on behalf of the police and that the police are here for all communities who are lawfully working in these rural areas.

The NGO works closely with many forces across the uplands, including running training events and will continue to work with the Rural Task Force officers across these areas.  

The full letter can be read here. 





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