The new three-day course provides the first best practice qualification of its kind for the game sector. The first course starts on 10 March 2020. For more details and to book, click here or call 01425 652381.

Standard setting and training organisation, BASIS, and the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) have joined forces to provide the first best practice qualification of its kind for the game sector.

The BASIS Certificate in Game Management is designed to encourage best practice across the sector, while providing qualified individuals with a professional accreditation that demonstrates assurance of high standards of practice to employers, customers and the general public.

Roger Draycott, head of advisory at the GWCT, explains that the organisation will host the training courses at the GWCT Allerton Project, in Leicestershire, with the first one starting on 10 March 2020.

“There are various academic courses and apprenticeships available for gamekeepers starting out in their careers, but there’s nothing currently available for more experienced individuals.

“This qualification is tailored for all levels of gamekeeper, as well as estate managers, landowners, shoot managers and shoot captains in fact it is aimed at everyone who has responsibility for running a shoot” he says.

The three-day training course will include various modules in both practical and lecture-based sessions, covering predation control, gamebird releasing, shoot and land management, game crops and industry regulation.

For more information, or to book onto the first course click here or call 01425 652381. 



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