The news today (Wednesday 12 May) from Defra that a new government taskforce will be created to tackle pet theft is welcomed by the NGO

News that a new government taskforce will be created to tackle pet theft, as part of the UK’s first ever action plan to improve the welfare and conservation of animals at home and abroad, is welcomed today by the NGO.

Tim Weston, who heads up the dog theft campaign for the NGO, said: “This is a real success story for all those campaigning for more to be done to help reduce dog theft. Our campaign has had an impact on the police looking further into these crimes and it’s fantastic that more will be done to tackle these issues with this new taskforce.

“Gamekeepers and farmers rely on working dogs and we look forward to helping this new taskforce in any way that we can to raise these issues where needed and spread the word to help reduce these crimes.”

In February 2021, the NGO wrote to all Police and Crime Commissioners in England and Wales to call for a national intelligence register or officer to help tackle the apparent increase in dog theft that is happening nationwide. 

As a direct response to that letter, the national rural crime lead based within Northumbria Police entered into further discussions with Tim Weston at the NGO and other teams within the police to look further into the issue.

The new Action Plan for Animal Welfare can be viewed here.




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