Updated COVID-19 advice from Firearms Licensing Manager at Thames Valley Police 

The NGO has been contacted by some of its members over the past few days about advice being issued by Thames Valley Police with regards to shooting in England.

The NGO has today (Monday 18 May) contacted the Thames Valley Police Firearms Licensing Manager and they have confirmed that their position has been updated and is as follows:


Our advice for all certificate holders is to comply with the Government guidelines. Thames Valley Police will not be taking action in respect of shooting activities on shooting grounds, or private land, provided the activities are otherwise licensed and lawful.  We urge anyone considering taking part in such activities to comply fully with the current government guidance about the conditions on which outdoor recreation may take place. If you do not heed this advice and are found in circumstances where your activities could result in the emergency services being called out or that suggest a danger to public safety or to the peace, this may result in consideration being given to the revocation of your certificate/s.


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