Rampant Wild Boar - Our letter from Liam Bell published in the Times on 27th November 2018

Rampant Wild Boar

Dear Sir,

Your article on wild boar rightly raises concerns about the increasing numbers of wild boar (24th November).  In 2004, when their numbers were still low, the Government consulted on what should be done. Our members voted unanimously for eradication before it became too late and that formed the basis of our unequivocal response to the consultation.

Ministers bowed to animal rights campaigners however, and ducked a nationally organised cull, a decision which has led directly to today’s problems. Other European countries also have a burgeoning number of wild boar despite heavy hunting pressure.  In Germany it is likely that wild boar now number hundreds of thousands; in Berlin alone there could be between 3,000 to 8,000 animals roaming the streets.  This might not go down too well with Londoners.

In all probability we are now unlikely to be able to reduce numbers to manageable level in the UK. Perhaps in future Ministers will listen to gamekeepers, who are not only the eyes and ears of the countryside but form its true front line in sustainable wildlife management.

Liam Bell


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