Do you store or supply game meat to anyone other than family and friends? Then the NGO is advising that it is a legal requirement to register with a local authority.



We are all being encouraged to eat more wild and healthy game meat and it is encouraging that more shoots are now choosing to process their own game as part of a drive to increase consumption of this delicious meat.  However, if shoots wish to process their game meat for supplying to anyone, other than friends and family, then the National Gamekeepers’ Organisation advises that it is a legal requirement to register with a local authority as a food business as well as complying with the Food Standards Agency ‘Wild Game Guide’.

Tim Weston, the NGO’s Southern Development Officer said, “It is really encouraging that many shoots are developing new markets and building great relationships with game dealers or other suppliers as this can only be a good thing for our sport.  Food hygiene laws are now very stringent and traceability along the food chain is paramount, which is why it is so important to register with the Local Authority as well as complying with the FSA’s Wild Game Guide.  This is not onerous, is free and ensures that everyone is keeping within the law.” 

In addition, those processing game should attend a game meat hygiene course and have the relevant ID number in order to sell game meat to game handling establishments.  The NGO’s game meat hygiene course, which is now regarded as the industry standard in game handling,  not only covers large game like wild deer and wild boar, it also looks at small game such as pheasants, partridge, duck, rabbit and hare.

The course has a short multiple choice test at the end of the day to ensure competency and is certified and certificated by the NGO and the Food Standards Agency (FSA).  Successful candidates receive a certificate and credit card type proof on completion.

The National Gamekeepers’ Organisation has organised a number of game meat hygiene courses in the future in Leicestershire on 16th October or Cornwall on 9th February 2019.

Further details on these can be found in the events section of the NGO website at: or telephone: 01833 660869

To download the Food Standards Agency’s Wild Game Meat Guide, please visit:


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