NGO statement relating to a national lockdown in England announced by the Prime Minster which starts on Thursday 5 November 2020. Government guidance published on 31 October is available here.

We are waiting for further Government information since the announcement on Saturday 31 October and we will, as ever, keep members up to date via email, our website or social media pages.

From the information that has been issued so far, it is clear that recreational game shooting will be on pause for the duration of the lockdown. We will provide updates on what other activities are affected when we know more detail and more information is expected tomorrow (Monday 2 November) and on Wednesday 4 November.

Government guidance published on 31 October is available here.

The most common query we had during the last national lockdown in March this year, related specifically to whether people can continue working.

As before, it looks as though if you are employed as a paid professional, whether as a gamekeeper, deerstalker or pest controller, and you cannot work from home this appears to be a valid reason to continue working for the time being. You must of course practice social distancing while at work.  

As before, it is assumed that pest control, deer stalking, fishing and gamekeeping by unpaid amateurs would be regarded as activities to which people should not be travelling because they are not essential.

Everyone’s circumstances will be different and you must interpret the guidance and relate it to your particular circumstances but it is clear that Government advice is to stay at home from Thursday 5 November.

Please continue to get in touch with us in the usual way, details below, if you need advice.


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