The licences can be viewed on the NRW website. For the English version click here and for the Welsh version click here


The National Gamekeepers’ Organisation (NGO) has today (Thursday 2 April) praised Natural Resources Wales (NRW) for their new stoat general licences which have just been issued.

These now make it possible for stoats to continue to be trapped humanely in Wales. The new licences have been issued on the NRW website and are much improved on earlier drafts seen by the NGO.

Liam Bell, Chairman of the NGO, said: “We must give credit where it’s due and NRW has issued new stoat licences which are easy to understand, simple and lawful. Many of our concerns that we raised previously have been taken on board and appear to have been addressed.

“Why Natural England continues to issue licences which are twice the length as the NRW equivalent, much more complex and more restrictive, is something we will be taking up with Natural England in due course.”

The publication of the new licences by NRW was slightly delayed citing the coronavirus outbreak. The licences can be viewed on the NRW website:

To view the English version click here

To view the Welsh version click here



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