The National Gamekeepers' Organisation, along with BASC, Countryside Alliance, GWCT, Moorland Association, Game Farmers' Association and the BGA, have sent a joint letter to Ministers highlighting the significant importance and benefit that game shooting delivers to the well-being of the countryside.

Game shooting can play an extremely important part in helping many individual participants, fragile rural communities and the wider economy during the COVID pandemic, but in order to do so there are wider issues around easing restrictions which first need to be considered by Government. The letter explains how precautions can easily be applied during a day’s game shooting to ensure there is no increase in risk in relation to the transmission of COVID-19, and it lists the regulatory changes that will be needed to enable game shooting to go ahead. Ideally, and pandemic permitting, these adjustments should be in place by 12 August. You can read the letter here. .

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