A new series of wild boar training courses has been launched by the NGO

In recognition of the increase of feral wild boar in the UK and the need for their management, Deer Management Qualifications (DMQ) has launched a wild boar qualification that the NGO will be delivering as a distance-learning package.

The assessment standards of the qualification recognise the need for wild boar to be managed effectively and humanely in the interests of both their welfare and our natural habitat.

Tim Weston of the National Gamekeepers’ Organisation who manages the courses, said:

“We know there is real demand for these courses due to the increase in feral wild boar in the UK. Course attendees will be able to learn at their own pace with support via email or WhatsApp from NGO tutors. There will also be an option to join with one of our tutors on a webinar before your assessment to have a face to face Q & A session.”

Due to high demand the first assessment day has already sold out so we’re planning another for Spring 2021.

The course includes the ecology, behaviour and habitats of wild boar as well as UK legislation and some European hunting methods. This course is aimed at those who currently control wild boar in the UK and Europe or those who would like to have an introduction into it.

Support will be on hand from the NGO at every step of the way and trainees will be able to have regular contact with the tutors. Course attendees are sent training materials in advance.


Cost: NGO MEMBERS £170 / NON-MEMBERS £225 (to join the NGO is only £45)

Course Requirements:-

  • DSC1 blue certificate holder or DSC1 yellow certificate along with the Lantra or NGO Wild Game Meat Hygiene certificate which includes the large game element.
  • To be able to attend the assessment day
  • Some self-discipline and time to pre-learning

For more information, visit the Wild Boar training page on the NGO website: https://www.nationalgamekeepers.org.uk/training/wild-boar-certificate


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