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This is YOUR chance to support the NGO Fighting Fund - Keeping Wildlife Licensing Fair. The Donation Page (to visit, please click on the logo below) has been set up because gamekeepers and shooting folk have asked how they can help support the forthcoming - and historic - legal challenge to Natural England's decision not to grant a buzzard control licence to one of our members, a self-employed gamekeeper, despite Natural England accepting that the birds are doing serious damage to his pheasants.

The claim for Judicial Review will take place in the High Court in 2015 and the cost to the NGO of covering the legal fees of our member, who is taking Natural England to court, will be very high indeed.

There is no doubt, underwriting the case financially will deplete the NGO's war chest. To help replenish our emergency reserves, please get behind the NGO Fighting Fund - Keeping Wildlife Licensing Fair. You, too, can play a part in this landmark legal battle by making a donation. Click on the logo below to donate.

Thank you.

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