The correct clothing is vital when out in the field. The companies listed below support the National Gamekeepers' Organisation by being Trade Members.




Bison Bushcraft is one of the earliest established wilderness skills training and outfitting businesses in The UK. Roger Harrington started the business in 1996 after identifying a need for good natured and enjoyable wilderness skills training, combined with a well-sourced supply of high quality and thoroughly tested equipment, specific to the needs of Bushcraft and back country adventures.

0845 838 7062



At The Gun Shop, Botley, Hampshire, we are always willing to assist in choosing the best kit for you.

Whether its a great new or second hand gun for your next shoot, or to get some new clothes to fend off the worst of the British weather in style we can help.

Located inside Botley Mills, Hampshire, The Gun Shop has a fantastic selection of items on display; including CO2 air pistols, break action air pistols, air rifles, shotguns, slingshots / catapults, bullet ammunition, shotgun cartridges, .22 and .177 pellets, clothing, binoculars, and knives. As well as all the accessories you may need.

01489 797677




Swillington Shooting Supplies Limited, Originally began as a Gunshop over over 31 years ago and in this time we have developed a close working relationship with the countryside and associated field sports.

These days we run a well stocked Shooting & Clothing Supply Shop, a Busy Licensed Kennel , We even have Holiday cottages in Scotland. Together with 5300 Acres of forest offering Lodge Pole & Scottish Pine Xmas trees & Stalking Breaks.

We have excellent relationships with our suppliers and as such we can offer very competitive prices accross the whole range of our products and services. We place a great emphasis on training and experience and as such you will find our staff friendly, helpful and informed.

0113 2864097



Dedito Shooting Wear is known for his award winning boots; “Dedito” especially the model “Woodland". These boots are favorite amongst many keepers alongside the whole country. Dedito Shooting Wear is also the UK Agent for the Scandinavian brand “Chevalier”. A high quality brand of shooting gear.



Stoney Creek 

Stoney Creek is dedicated to crafting purpose built hunting gear that can withstand the world’s harshest and most unpredictable climates.  Designed using cutting edge technology that maximises quality, performance and ultimately your experience.



Deerhunter is a family owned business founded in 1985. Deerhunter Outdoor Clothing is an obvious step in light of the family’s enthusiasm for hunting. A passion which means that the products come into being out of a desire to create them, and that our company is not just a business, but a way of life.

Deerhunter garments are designed by people who put nature first. All materials, functionality and technologies have been carefully selected and rigorously tested to ensure the optimum performance in the field.

In 2009 Deerhunter was granted a Royal Warrant to supply Her Majesty the Queen and the Royal Household, an appointment we are extremely proud of.




Chevalier has developed hunting clothes since 1950 and has always followed the motto quality and genuine craftsmanship. This work has led to more people using our products for more than just hunting. Today we develop and design new products are continually to meet all requirements and preferences both the classical and modern hunter looking for.

"Today we develop and design new products to meet the requirements and preferences of both the classical and modern hunter"


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