NGO Member Suspended

Friday 22nd Feb 2013

A North Yorkshire gamekeeper, Shaun Allanson, admitted to a court this week that he had deliberately set cage traps baited with live pigeons to catch birds of prey.

Following the case, the National Gamekeepers' Organisation immediately suspended Mr Allanson's membership of the NGO, in accordance with its published disciplinary procedure.

A spokesman for the NGO said:

"Incidents like this do incalculable damage to the good name of gamekeeping. If people have serious problems with protected birds, and no non-lethal alternative, they should apply to NE for a licence to control them. Breaking the law is not an option. The NGO stands for gamekeeping within the law and will not tolerate illegality."

The NGO understands that Mr Allanson is no longer employed as a gamekeeper.

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